Revoking Brennan’s clearance may be a First Amendment violation.
Nicholas Grossman

“…That’s from Trump’s presidency. From his campaign, there’s the possibility of breaking election laws, conspiracy laws, laws about solicitation of stolen property, and more.”

True, possibilities abound. But to date there’s no public evidence to bolster these claims. Our society’s willingness to condemn the opposition in the absence of evidence is disturbing. I’m not charging you with this, but our culture embraces it.

Equally true is the statement that “There’s the possibility of Grossman’s marital infidelity, tax evasion, pedophilia, and more.” Within the realm of possibilities exists a disturbing spectrum of behaviors, so the statement I cite above is true, but has no impact on those of us who dissect these things rationally.

However, since most on the far left disregard facts in favor of emotion, such charges carry social weight, in spite of their vacuousness.

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