#haikureview: Self Injurious Behavior


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Jessica Cavanagh with Jude Segrest

I met her when we were writing free custom poems for shoppers at The Strand for National Poetry Month. She was visiting for a few weeks — brought here from Dallas with a team of people putting on an original play about a woman whose son has severe autism, and how she copes with deciding to send him to a live-in education institution.

I said, “I have to see it.”

This is the best thing right? No reviews, no expectations, just meeting an earnest young person passionate about a project they are working on and saying, “I want to experience your talent and hard work too.”

I saw the play last night, and was left nearly speechless.

smother the mother

smothering the sorrow she

feels too deep to say

create a family

the father can play two roles

well, if he means it

the final bow when

you realize they pulled your heart

made you an arrow

Much love,

LAMARKS, Ars Poetica

Written by

Founder of Ars Poetica, in international language arts agency specializing in interactive poetry. Meet our poets: arspoetica.us

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