Ramadan is Here. So is our Inclusive Iftar with Saba Ghazi Ameen + The Muslim Otherhood.

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May 16 · 5 min read


I studied got my BA in International Relations, and minored in Politics, and Religion at The University of San Francisco. I had no plans to become a poet until poetry came up behind me, tapped me on the shoulder, and gave me a quick one-two punch when I turned around at the age of 25.

So after 7 years of running poetic and multidisciplinary events to help people connect in new, deeper, yet fun and surprising new ways, I’m thrilled to play a small part in organizing an inclusive Ramadan event next week with The Muslim Otherhood.

What does this entail? You are invited to come with an open mind, a curious heart, and hungry belly, to have a Ramadan feast with us and get to hear from various culturally and spiritually Muslim perspectives on the meaning of Ramadan, and what it means to be a contemporary Muslim person in 2019 in New York City. I can’t wait. And I’m thrilled to share with you a sneak peek at the work of our featured poet for the evening, Saba Ghazi Ameen. Here are two of her poems.


i am a dancer spinning revolutions of devotion

are the clouds drifting through the atmospheres a veil?

are the dark shadows of the towering mounts hiding me?

do the myriad roads and paths create a maze in which you have lost me?

you say walk and i will run

catch you and lift you in embraces of mercy and love

they speak of your compassion and passion

overflowing fountains of heavenly springs

i am tasneem but you have left me dry

i am saba but i stagnate,

finger raised waiting for a cool breeze

i am ghazi but there is no victory in my surrender

i spin a thousand revolutions of devotion

my lips move in silent prayer

my fingers pass strings of praise

is the distance too far to traverse?

is my soul too ashen to glow?

are my melodies too dissonant to discern?

you say call and i will answer

but my voice grows hoarse from muffled cries

my body tired from the bumps and turns

and i am weary

I no longer spin

a thousand revolutions of devotion

No Swords

what use have i for armaments

primitive tools are for primal man

i wield words as weapons of power

my pen is mightier than any hand

born with double x chromosomes

into a sisterhood more powerful than any legion

I rise up from the feet of of my mother

spreading mercy to every region

so let me be sita,

brown bodied daughter of the hindu nation

foolish men pushed me through fire

as if my purity needed validation

yes i am sita

goddess of feminine love

unscathed i emerged from those embers

phoenix rising, a lucid flying dove

i luminate grace and beauty

i radiate hot pink love and passion

melting blades and munition

anger and violence die ashen.

and i am hajar

tribal mother of the sands

abandoned in the blistering desert

i wished him well and turned to my own two


yes i am hajar

pumping those fists in defiant survival

i bartered my own divine intercession

cool zam zam gushing up glorious revival

i have the divine within me

i radiate harmony and bliss

you can abandon me in hot dry mountains

ill cradle my progeny tightly and blow you a

farewell kiss

and I am ruth

tenacious child of pagan forebearers.

widowed, i wipe tears of determination

and walk through the gates of your hebrew


yes I am ruth

I pledge to live and to die by naomi

nourishing, gleaning, fertilizing seeds

I am the sole ensurer of your posterity

oh yes it is through my bloodline

that the messiah came into existence

a defiant pagan to gentile transformation

no weapons, no swords, just my female


so let me be joan

peasant girl tilling fields of the franks

angelic commands permeated me

elevating my purpose above manly ranks

yes yes I am joan

glowing white on my steed I rise higher

when words and wisdom falter

sometimes you must fight fire with fire

yes I am joan

young woman who won back my land with


then you branded me a heretic and burned me

burned me

burned me


you quivered when my fireproof heart beat

stronger and stronger

the miracle is contained within us

fire and weapons can not extinguish our light

we are the smoldering embers that lie beneath


glowing, sparking ready to illuminate the night

So yes, you are in for a wonderful treat. We are also honored to welcome our featured speaker, Aymann Ismail, as well as comedian Bassam Shawl. Here’s all the info on the Facebook Event, and you can reserve your (very limited still available) ticket here.

More on our poet, Saba Ghazi Ameen:

When she is not busy fighting alongside Wolverine, Saba Ghazi Ameen spends her peaceful moments creating visual and verbal designs. She is a multimedia artist splitting her time between New York and Chicago. She loves exploring the intersections of visual and verbal design. You can find her at @sabaameen1.

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