VOCÊ recap: 2/4/19

By Ramzees Kennedy, intern extraordinaire

Hey guys it’s your favorite poetry intern here, back at it again at Você, hosted now by Bowery Poetry Club on the Bowery in Manhattan.

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching love was in the air, and by love, I mean good music, gifted poets, hilarious comedy and insightful politics. I didn’t think they could top the last show, but Lisa Ann and the crew always find a way to pull through!

Following the same format as the last show, music was the opening act of the night, and we were not disappointed. The melodic vocals and live guitar set from Andrew Milea of Wild Americans set the tone for a night that I wish never ended.

With the opening act finished, Mikumari Caiyhe took to the stage and blew me away with his stage presence and relatability. You see, Mikumari was at the previous Você event but did not perform - I felt as if I was the only one who didn’t already know about his god-given gift! Mikumari has the type of talent that as a novice poet myself, makes me want to push my boundaries as an artist and individual. From performing an interactive poem that involved audience members, to a hard-hitting piece about seeing his mother homeless in the subway, his skill on the stage was undeniable and a true inspiration to me and I’m sure many others in
the venue.

Segueing into the next act, after a last-minute cancellation we had substitute political speaker, David Eisenbach, who is up for election as Public Advocate on February 26th!!! Now, what made this speaker so interesting wasn’t that he was a Columbia professor, it was that he is running against the person who cancelled on us, in the public advocate race! This man was a class act, delving deep into why politicians never do the right thing (spoiler alert: it’s money) and how the mayor selling out to big real estate is affecting New York. Now, three things you should know about me before I make my next point is: I am
passionate about three things. Business, poetry, and real estate. When the speaker went into depth about how easily the market is manipulated in New York and how landlords abuse the system by offering “affordable housing” in luxury apartments and buy out small businesses and leave empty storefronts,
watch the buildings appreciate in equity, then take the equity out and invest it in other places that don’t include building our communities — I about lost it. I say this to the point of how absolutely spot on he was in how the system is being abused and people are being left behind. He also brought up the Small
Business Survival Act, that will help keep New York a home for all of us by offering small businesses in good standing 10 year lease renewals instead of being pushed out when landlords raise rents 400%.

Just when I thought the night couldn’t get any more interesting, the comedian Laz Rivero took the stage and he was lights out. The theme of the night was obviously strong stage presence, and Laz did not disappoint. I feel Laz is just
a person you want to have around; his energy is infectious, and it translates to the stage. From jabs at his refugee status, how lucky he is to have married a doctor, to cracking jokes on the crowd and making endless fun of the host, Lisa Ann herself, Laz was unfiltered comedy at its peak. It felt like after the first laugh all the others extended into each other, because everything he said had me and the crowd ugly laughing, and you know when there is ugly
laughing involved a good time is being had.

With that, another Você rundown is in the books, so until next time your favorite poetry intern is out! RSVP for the next edition right here — an all-woman lineup for Women’s History Month.