Get me out of Trump country

Can’t even enjoy a vacation without seeing Donald Trump propaganda everywhere

Minnesota and South Carolina might as well be different countries; the Donald Trump love in SC is extremely surreal.

Since arriving in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina late Thursday evening for a weekend vacation with my family, I’ve been exposed to Trump accessories like never before.

Trump and Mike Pence bumper stickers are ubiquitous down here. Trump t-shirts are being sold at gift shops. As one gift shop worker put it, “if people keep buying it then we have to keep making the shirts.”

In Minneapolis if there was a shop that sold pro-Donald Trump t-shirts it would for sure make the news; Trump actually came in third place when MN voted in the republican primaries. MN may not all be for Hillary, but the majority is certainly against Trump.

It’s the opposite here in Myrtle Beach, where people buy shirts that say “I’m deplorable,” referencing Hillary’s use of the term to describe Trump’s supporters. It’s like I entered an alternative universe where people love Donald Trump.

So as much as I’m loving being on vacation, I can’t wait to get out of this Trump-loving state. People around here need to get with the program and realize that this man doesn’t care about you, me, or this country.

He cares about himself. That’s it.