A Call to Action

  • “I hope that the work isn’t stressful”
  • “No online learning”
  • “Less pressure”
  • “That it stays simple and that i can find the time to complete all of my assignments.”
  • “I hope i can stay on top of all my work and turn everything in on time”
  • “I can do things at my own pace and get individualized help.”
  • “Having my own schedule and fix my time management.”
  • “My hopes would be that students and teachers would be able to adjust to the new learning layouts meanwhile still managing their communication skills.”
  • “I hoped that I’d still be interested in learning new material because even though they send us videos to educate us, it’s still not the same vibe as having it presented from your actual teacher.”
  • “My would be that students and teachers would still be able to keep in contact despite what’s going on and that we can learn to adapt to this new way of learning in a positive way when it comes to learning online. I think communication is key especially in a time right now, so just to know that everyone is supporting each other in different ways to keep as much of a school environment going without actually being in school is a satisfying thing.”
  • “My fear for more online learning is the fact i’m not learning anymore im just trying my best to get my work done that way my grade will not drop.”
  • “I hope that they don’t give us lots of work”
  • “Online learning”
  • “That it will be online”
  • “That we will have to do projects that will be confusing.”
  • “That i fail and don’t get all the support i need for my junior year”
  • “Teachers were going to overload us with work and I would lose the motivation to complete the work due to home environment and missing some of my classmates and teachers”
  • “I would lose connectivity with my favorite teachers”
  • “As students learning from home environments would be seen as challenging and would risk the lack of learning being done. I also fear that the lack of motivation and absence of in-person working skills would further affect students’ learning abilities for the worse, as well as their quick thinking abilities when given a broader time management”
  • “I feared that I’ll be unmotivated and that I’d have many due dates the overlap and end up getting overwhelmed”
  • “My fears for remote learning is that due to the lack of classroom engagement students will start to fall behind on their school work. I also fear that students won’t care much about their work now because they aren’t motivated.”




Teacher of English living in the Concrete Jungle.

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Lamar Long

Lamar Long

Teacher of English living in the Concrete Jungle.

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