Starting any new career can be a very stressful and frightening experience. You need to convince employers that you are the man/woman for the job but at the beginning of your career you don’t truly understand what companies are looking for or how to stand out from the competition. I’m writing this because I was in exactly that position. Back then I felt helpless because I couldn’t get any company to take a chance on me. I remember when I was trying to get my software career off the ground and the rejections started to make that feel impossible. I…

Web Design Mockup

Many entrepreneurs that aren’t tech savvy have the same dilemma. They need a website and have no idea where to start. This can be a major road block depending on the industry your business is in. I know a lot of people ask this question. And because Woods&Tech started by building both apps and websites, I get this question often. Normally I gave very short and to the point answers because 1. This could be about a 15–30 minute conversation IN PERSON, not truly worth my time and effort to be giving out free 30 minute lectures throughout the week…

Lamar Woods

An entrepreneur and software engineer. I love learning how to better build products and services using tech. I’m Founder of Woods&Tech LLC:

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