Biggest Lie Told to Small Business

Lambert Obi Egbuchulam
3 min readJan 6, 2022


Don’t fraternize with the enemy!

It’s true you need to compete, but why imply that we shouldn't collaborate?

If you and your “enemy” have a common goal, come together to fight the real fight.

It’s ‘You vs. Them’.

Business owners are accustomed to figuring things out, without much help. This makes it feel like everybody else is against our success, when in reality they’re trying to find their own.

America is strives on competition in capitalism. Big businesses profit off of the division that competition creates.

Let’s dive into it.

Money in Division

Small business owners are accustomed to compete, so naturally they divide and separate.

When competition goes left you go right, but there’s only so many things you could do different than your competitors.

We are ALL in the business of finding customers to make money.

Big businesses, like a Facebook, take advantage of that. They know no matter how much you try to differentiate yourself, you need customers. So they play the user-base game to get paid from advertisement.

They feed off division that competition creates, by saying “the only way you can outcompete competitors is if you pay us $xxxxx.xx for targeted advertisement”.

Of course people will do it because our drive to compete for customers brings in more money.


Could collaborating with your competitor still drive competition?

Money in Collaboration

Let’s say instead of paying Facebook for ad placement, you pay your competitor?

Would this increase your sales?

It sounds “far fetched”, but it’s important to explore this question.

Would you advertise your competitor?

The issue with this proposition is the potential of stealing customers. Which may be true, but what’s gained is much more.

See, true competition lies in collaboration. If you are secure enough in your competitive advantages, you don’t mind working together with competitors to achieve the same goal and visa versa.

There’s actually much more money in collaboration, for you, than division. You and your competitors can share access to customers and create additional income for yourselves, by working together.

Big businesses do it all the time to different degrees, small businesses don’t do it as much, or nearly as often.

A Platform for Small Business

BAU is a platform where small businesses can promote free and get paid to advertise other businesses via content.

Social media advertising is an $100B industry. Very shockingly, most of that money is spent by small business.

Unlike other social networks, BAU makes marketing simple by allowing small businesses to pay one another for ad placement.

We think we need to constantly compete to survive, when in reality we need a space we can reward each other and grow together. — CEO

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The Future for Small Businesses

Small businesses are the backbone of our American economy. Yet we are constantly ignored and neglected by everyone, besides the U.S. government (Thank God). For us to thrive and progress small businesses need to take better care of themselves. Hopefully post pandemic we start seeing more opportunities for businesses to feed off each other.