2020>>>>LIVE•!! Le Tour de La Provence (En direct) — FREE™, TV channel>>>>en direct streaming

!!Le Tour de La Provence!!

Lamborghini Bill
Feb 11 · 2 min read

Live==> http://fullhdtvonline.com/La-Provence/

Live==> http://fullhdtvonline.com/La-Provence/

Live Streaming!! Tour de la Provence 2020 Online
Go Live Now :
Location : France
Date : 13rd — 16th February 2020
ATTENTION : for easy registration,please register now to keep from network busy or access full, before the performance begins…

- 2020 Tour de La Provence stage details and times:

Stage 1 — Thursday, February 13
Start at 13:00 CET, 7:00am U.S. ET
Finish at 16:33, 10:33am U.S. ET

Stage 2 — Friday, February 14
Start at 12:15 CET, 6:15am ET
Finish at 16:52, 10:52am ET

Stage 3 — Saturday, February 15
Start at 12:30 CET, 6:30am ET
Finish at 16:26, 10:26am ET

Stage 4 — Sunday, February 16
Start at 11:10 CET, 5:10am ET
Finish at 15:45 CET, 9:45am ET

- CCC Team roster for the 2020 Tour de la Provence:

Will Barta (USA)
Jan Hirt (CZE)
Jonas Koch (GER)
Jakub Mareczko (ITA)
Fausto Masnada (ITA)
Michał Paluta (POL)
Attila Valter (HUN)
Sports Directors: Gabriele Missaglia (ITA), Steve Bauer (CAN)

- Gabriele Missaglia (CCC Team directeur sportif): “Tour de la Provence is a very hard race but I think, looking at the riders we are lining up with, we will have a variety of cards to play. The first stage is almost completely flat with just over 500 meters of climbing, nothing in comparison to the rest of the race and so, on this day we will work for Jakub Mareczko, who I think is in good shape. For the rest of the race, Fausto Masnada and Jan Hirt will be our protected riders, particularly for the two important summit finish stages. Of course, this will be the first race of the year for both riders so, it will also be a bit of a test for them to see what their shape is like after the winter.”

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