3 things that will easily fix USA, is why! I’m bidding for President of the United States

About seven months ago, August 10th, 2015. I decided to bid for president of the United States. I announced my campaign in the most dangerous place I could imagine, a place that if I could win them over, I could win over the population. That place is /pol/ Politically incorrect, this of it as a drunk beer hall of 1930’s Germany where passionate radicals hangout. I have won them over.

I basically had had enough of “Santa Claus is real stories”

What I mean by this, is that I have had enough of the lies. Many of us in Technology, like myself build the software and hardware that spy on people. Many of us in Technology do the spying, I did. I had always been law abiding and when I learned the constitution was being used as toilet paper, I got more angry. Add in the 9/11 coverup lies and I cracked. Having no money, no job, living in a Motorhome. I decided to make my weakness my strength and announced my bidding. I started making predictions and they are still coming true. I have solutions to every challenge America faces. I use science and technology to fix them. I have learned that lies and bull shit are a terrible fix. In my youth I was a mechanic at the BMW dealer while going to college. I became a Mortgage banker and learned how the scam of wall street works when I became a commodities trader. In 1999 I started my own software company and here we are. like the hills and valleys I had successes and failures. In order to win you need to fail, to hit home runs you have to miss balls and if you're the best in the world you need to miss 62% of those balls to have that 380 batting average. I could have just told you my three simple solutions and you would not have considered I’m a scientist and an engineer and powerful negotiator. Most of all I love building and I hate bugs and bullshit. I like to get it done and admire my work. OK, here is the gold.

1.) Abolish Electoral College
2.) Abolish Federal Reserve private cartel bank
3.) Invent rig proof voting system on blockchain technology.

I'm using the Einstein philosophy. A scientific theory should be as simple as possible, but no simpler.

Do all three and our nation will thrive. We’ll have a popular vote where money is not controlled by the elites and voting won’t be rigged.

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Feel free to contact me (707) 604 7672 I’m in Guerneville, California, please no calling after midnight or before 9:00 AM. Lambright@gmail.com or Lambright.com