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Gregory Miller

Mr. Miller You say “How exactly we get there is the practical challenge.”

I don’t see any challenges. If I had capital I could easily build a system that any government could use or not use. My principles are simple. Bitcoin is unique in that you can’t forge a bitcoin. Thus you can’t forge a vote. I don’t have access to working capital, if you did, sure I could consult or do all the work. I’m not interested in controlling this idea and I’m OK with controlling this idea. I just want my idea of a rig proof voting system a reality. I am actually Bidding for President of the United States 2016 and this is one of my campaign platform topics. Why you might ask? because it opens the can of worms that voting is rigged by nature, in that we have the electoral college to steal any vote anyhow. Free free to contact me telephone or email. Lambright.com Twitter.com/WayneLambright

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