Rigg Proof Voting, how to with Bitcoin’s block chain technology.

Recently I was responding to a twitter conversation with Atif Raza that included Marc Andreessen about building a Rigg Proof voting system. Mr. Raza asked me to do a blog post to clarify it more. This is my first Medium post, forgive my grammar is off the charts and my spelling is a form of Impressionism ;-)

1983 Freshman Deer Park High, WA

Hello, my name is Wayne lambright, I started programming at the age of 13 in 1982. Like most programmers, we taught ourselves because we found it fun to build stuff. As a Catholic I was brainwashed into an idealistic view of the world. People vote and we trust them and if not god makes it work out. I still believe all that and feel as Adults we owe it to the damn children ;-) to build a fair transparent voting system, to build a better world “trumpet sound in background, crowd cheer!”. My dreams, your dreams of true transparency in voting might be a reality with this bitcoin voting technology software idea, which it turns out I'm not the only one. Thank god, because were up against this guy and guys like him and he’s a real tough cookie! Actually he’s a total asshole. This voting topic. It’s really a life and death matter. If you consider the consequences of rigged elections. Let us learn from history, at least let us profit from it and make this software.

“Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.”
Joseph Stalin

Voting is a process of faith in the system. It wasn't always this way. The greeks had an elegant simple solution. The citizens grabbing two stones, one black and one white. They would drop one stone into a vase to vote, once voting was over, standing in a circle, they could dump the votes and count them in full view of everybody. My idea is the same.

Voting is about trust and with a voting system created based off bitcoin technology you could create the transparency of the vote tally that the world has never seen the likes of. Since you can't forge or manufacture fake bitcoins you could not fake a vote.

We create Software like bitcoin of our own, lets call it “Vote Coin” for now. Volunteers in the voting system, run the mining software on their computers to created the block chains of the transactions “votes”. Each election coins are minted and distributed for that election only. Lets say America has 100M voters, then that specific election 100M coins would be minted.

Forgive my 1 minute white board. C1 & C2 mean Candidate 1 or 2

Each citizen would log onto the voting system and get their VOTE COIN Hashtag. They would vote, after voting was over, each citizen could see there vote in the public block chain of voted or spent vote coins in the register.

In just writing this post I discovered. http://www.bitcongress.org

A search of twitter for #votecoin yielded this.

If somebody wants to help me build this rigg proof voting software, sure I would love to build a company based on it and provide democratic transparent voting software technology to countries that want it.

Questions, welcomed and encouraged.

In conclusion, remember our current voting option contains this virus.

“Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.”
Joseph Stalin

A quick video on this topic.

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