Change the Game.

You’re ready. You’re more than ready. Whatever it is you want to do or accomplish or start or finish or whatever goals or dreams you want….you’re ready to go get them muthafuckas. Hell you were ready before reading this. You were ready before all of the thoughts and conversations you’ve had with yourself. You were ready when you first had these aspirations. You were ready before you even knew it. You just weren’t confident enough. You were hesitant. The people around you ain’t shit and instead of pushing you towards it they let you be idle. Well fuck all that, because you’re ready. Because the truth is you’ll never be as confident as you think because you’re your own worst enemy. You’re always going to doubt yourself, tell yourself you can’t do it, or talk yourself out of doing it. You’ll always be hesitant. You’re going to fail. It’s going to be hard. And the people around you are just as hesitant and reluctant as you, but that’s ok because this is about you. Because now, you’re ready. Ready to prove yourself right. Ready to work that/them muthafucka(s) into fruition. Shit you just gave the self-doubt part of you a head start because the confident part of you wanted a challenge. But now you ready to push through all the set backs, trials, and tribulations. Ready to use all that as motivation as fuel for your greatness. To change the game so to speak, but really you ready to change your game. See this always was, is, and will be about you and how you can make shit better for you and leave a legacy. Leave a legacy of inspiration, because when folks talk about you they going to talk about how you inspired them to chase their aspirations. How you were fearless and went for it, you went out and got what you wanted out your life. How you were the greatest muthafucka they knew and will ever know. But most importantly when you in your 4th quarter and that final buzzer about to sound you’re going to be able walk off that court knowing damn well you did this shit for you. That you beat yourself because that’s the only competition you ever had. That you changed the game. You changed your game.