overcoming STEM anxiety

Hello, first post. I really enjoy the layout of Medium and wanted to use it as a personal blog.

I knew for the longest time that I could not thrive in the social climate of my hometown in South Florida. It was a bit of a blessing I got admitted into a college here in Georgia. It’s been a very rocky experience living on my own from the tender age of 24 (on the cusp of 25) to where I am now, at 26, going on 27.

I barely graduated high school because I spent my class time doodling instead of paying attention. Normally this would be the makings of a fantastic art student, no?

I thought so too. But a year into art school, my passion for drawing was burned out. I was overwhelmed and my student loans, financial aid and scholarships couldn’t cover my tuition. I took on a full time job with early work hours and it was physically and emotionally taxing to shuffle both. I chose the job over school and decided I’d look into finishing my undergrad at another school. It would be cheaper, and didn’t do their school years in “quarters”. Moreover, I refused to go back to living with my parents.

My first “major” I decided on was Game Design because it was always a career choice I fancied. However, I discouraged myself from the idea for the longest because I took a programming class in high school and I flunked it hardcore. I also knew I’d have to tackle the beast known as MATH. I had to take Algebra II multiple times, but to my surprise, I aced my Intermediate Algebra class in college…

I bounced between Game Design and Software Engineering as a major until I came to the decision that I -can- do video game industry work with a degree in either.

Well, and software engineers have better career options.

That said, I’m beginning my first semester at a new university. Because my math skills are rusty at best, I’m enrolled in Pre-Calculus. I’m also in a programming class and we’re learning C#. It’s a pretty nifty language. I’m not looking forward to Calculus and Calculus II. But there’s probably a good reason why software engineer salaries are as high as they are. And hey, tutoring is also thing.

As far as my transgender status goes; I am out to my professors. I emailed them before the semester started and I used the preferred name change application to ensure my name is used as much as possible.

What an exciting turn of events! Hope to keep this updated. :)

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