How Snapchat is changing the game of social media #chatsnap

When Snapchat was first introduced in 2010, it took users by surprise with its 24-hour availability to view stories. Seven years later, Snapchat continues to change the game of social media.

I took to Twitter chat to participate in a conversation about the use of Snapchat, hosted by Kristy Gillentine. The Q+A conversation format sparked very interesting insights and reading what others thought about certain issues related to the use of Snapchat and social media in general, gave me a lot to think about.

We talked about the benefits of Snapchat, what we learned by using Snapchat, what are some features that can be used, who’s using Snapchat, and how Snapchat can be used in the workplace.

My favorite question during the chat was, “Have you followed anyone on Snapchat w/the intent to learn something specific from them? If so, whom, & what have you learned?” People’s response to my answer to that question surprised me and made me realize how there are people out there who have the same thoughts as me. A lot of participants responses from the chat brought up views about Snapchat that I’ve never thought about before.

We talked about the use of Snapchat in the workplace and how snapchat is capable of generating friends. One user said that through Snapchat, he was able to meet new friends and peers.

We also talked about the unique features of Snapchat. Other social medias are beginning to follow and copy Snapchat’s features on their social media. Facebook and Instagram recently followed Snapchat in developing a “story” section. Personally, I don’t think other social media platforms have been as successful as Snapchat’s “stories.” I hardly use the story section of Facebook or Instagram.

During the Twitter chat, mentions of Snapchat’s features, such as geo-tagging, face filters, writing and drawing on snaps were features current users think are worthwhile teaching or training someone about. The use of Snapchat being used in the workforce and mentions of how businesses have already turned to Snapchat to hire employees, like McDonald’s, shows how popular the app has gotten.

Being a part of the #chatsnap discussion was the first time I ever took part in a Twitter chat. My experience was great because all responses and comments were in real time, people around the world took part in the discussion, and I was able to learn new things through people’s comments.

Check out my tweets during the discussion down below!

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