Introducing Sheetbase, a new way to build websites and apps

Lam Nhan
Lam Nhan
May 30, 2018 · 3 min read
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For free, fast and fun! Yay! (Source:

I remember some years ago, when I started to learn how to be a web developer, the first thing I learn was how to download and install Appserv or Wampserver, the software that allow us to run Apache, PHP and MySQL on local machines, the golden age of the L.A.M.P stack and other stacks in that era. At that time, almost every dynamic websites, from very small to very large one, were powered by these stacks, that like the only way to build websites to us. Wordpress was one of the spotlights of that time.

But things change quickly around the internet. The cloud come with all the benefits changing the way of server programming, the rise of Javascript on both server side and client side is something huge to the web development community.

As the web developers, we are moving away from setup hosting related technologies, instead, we using cloud services to get rid of manage complicated server for just running a website.

The same thing happened at the client site, we building websites with the newest innovation of the Javascript world, websites that easy to build, run fast, and smart.

With that in mind, we would like to contribute to the community a tools that help building modern websites and apps for free, easy and fast. ✈️

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What is Sheetbase?

Sheetbase is a free platform that contains some tools to develop websites and apps using top Javascript technologies at the front-end and free Google services at the back-end (Sheets = Database, Gmail = Mailling, Drive = File storage, …). See the homepage at

Sheetbase Front-end Module: Front-end module for using Sheetbase in a specific framework. (Github, a module for Angular/Ionic framework)

Sheetbase Back-end Library: Google Apps Script library for developing websites and apps back-end. (Github)

Sheetbase CLI: Command line interface tool assists the workflow when using Sheetbase. (Github)

Sheetbase Add-on: A Google Sheets add-on, helps using spreadsheets as SQL database. (Github)

How it works?

If you develop websites before, you will be right at home.

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The back-end, we develop the back-end with a tool called Google Apps Script, with Sheetbase back-end library, we code the back-end like what we usually do in NodeJS, the router system is inspired by ExpressJS.

The front-end, we develop the front-end with the frameworks/libraries we love: Angular, Ionic, React, Vue, … Sheetbase Front-end Module provides some functions out of the box.

The back-end and the front-end connected via REST API, that is something we are all familiar with.

Final, we upload our app to a static hosting. There we are, a new shiny app built with no cost.

What can we make with Sheetbase?

With Sheetbase, you can build almost every type of websites and apps, from a personal blog to a ecommerce app.

You can check out some demos we made to demonstrate what possible:

Simple blog:

Mini shop:

We can’t wait to see what you’ll make with Sheetbase. 😃

Getting started?

To automatically started a Sheetbase project, install the Sheetbase CLI.

$ npm install -g sheetbase-cli

Then, login to grant access to your Google account.

$ sheetbase login

Create new project by running.

$ sheetbase start <project_name>

Done! Now, develop the project and deploy it to the world! 🚀

For more, please read the docs:


Sheetbase is forever opened and welcomed everyone to lend a hand. You can help developing core tools or making themes and components.

Spread the word is awesome, too. 👍

Support us!

We develop Sheetbase without any funding. So, if you find it useful for your business, please considering helping us.


Thank you very much! And happy coding! 😉

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