Wedding ceremonies in Prague, Czech Republic

Like much of European countries, Prague is rich in history, steeped in wedding traditions and it is beautiful to see. Czech Republic features the most castles every square mile and Prague is home to the most significant ancient castle on the globe, Prague Citadel. Throughout background even in modern times, the location is the inspiration for many famous artists. Known as “the pearl of Europe”, Prague is the most popular tourist destination of any city in Europe.

More than six hundred years of amazing architecture, Prague offers a multitude of wonderful venues to hold a destination wedding. Both detrimental and church weddings are legally binding ceremonies and foreigners are permitted to marry in Prague. In addition to the regular identification such as passport, couple’s birth certificates, and divorce and death records if applicable, Prague also requires the baptismal accreditation of both persons, a Certificate from a svatebníkytice Preparation Course and a Letter of Delegation from the couple’s priest.

In order to avoid the confusion of the paperwork, wedding planners in Prague now offer the few a Symbolic Ceremony, one which is not considered a legal marriage in Prague, but allows the couple to marry as though it were a marriage. The couple, would obviously, have been legally hitched at home before visiting Prague. Unless they notify their guests, the relationship at home will not be common information since the wedding in Prague will seem to be like genuine.

Although heavily influenced by the Catholic faith, Simple weddings may occur and the ceremonies may be conducted in English as well. Civil ceremonies may be held at town halls, historic castles and any of the many gardens around Prague. Spiritual ceremonies normally take place in the churches but may be conducted in a few of the castles and park gardens.

Many metropolitan areas and countries allow various indoor and outdoor locations to hold weddings, but one idea that is very unique in Prague is the Rooftop Cafe Wedding. Praised for its fine dining and opulent, intimate atmosphere, the restaurant is set in the Atmosphère Hotel overlooking Lesser Community, Petrin Hill, Prague Citadel and St. Nicholas Chapel. What a spectacular way to see the location while enjoying your special occasions.

Oddly enough, one of the most luxurious places to keep a wedding response is the Grand Ballroom in the hotel around Old Town Square. What makes this venue so odd, the ballroom is in the basement of the hotel. Yet every detail in workmanship is superb with the four thousand piece Czech ravenscroft glass chandelier and the baroque beauty restored to perfection. The location is more preferable suited to larger wedding events as it seats one hundred and forty gues.

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