A Podcupine journey ending all too soon — but the ideas never will!

As we wrap up the semester, we find ourselves so many more ideas for future iterations of the app

Our Podcupine development journey is coming to an end. At the beginning, it all seemed so daunting, but now as the semester’s end comes clearer into view, we can say it was much too short. But just because the deadline is fast approaching, doesn’t mean we didn’t have more ideas to improve our app. We had many more that we thought to implement in future iterations of the app and we would like to share those with you all.

We know that just reviewing the podcasts might seem similar to the rate and review on already existing on some platforms, but in our future iterations we would implement more user inputs that allow for deeper conversations. This would include episode-specific reviews where users could select their favorite (or least favorite) episodes to rate and review with ease, instead of reviewing the podcast as a whole. In the course of scrolling through the comments, there is bound to be some disagreement like in all platforms. This is where a threading function would come in handy, so listeners could talk amongst themselves about what could have been better and why others should love the series too. All of this would be moderated by our implemented report function so that the conversation stays respectful to all the users.

Not only would the discussion reach new depth, but the view of the profiles would change too. We were interested in building a feed right on the home screen with all the new comments from users you follow. It would show the most up-to-date commentary of all the best reviewers and your friends. This way you could keep up with the discussion, find new recommendations from trusted reviewers and maybe even form some new opinions about the series you listen to.

Our future iterations would not just have new features for the listeners, but for the creators too. We wanted to implement a verified creator profile, linked with the creator’s profiles on Apple or Spotify. This would be the best tool for podcast creators and production houses to stay engaged with their listeners. Creators would be able to link a podcast page to their own account to stay up-to-date on the latest reviews on their podcasts. They could even respond to the users so that the listeners know the creators are listening to them right back.

Along with building out our app, we wanted to build out our presence on the podcasting scene too. We hoped to increase our social media presence outside of Twitter and onto Instagram and TikTok. We would add a share button on reviews to post them straight onto social media platforms. Our team of journalists were also interested in creating a podcast for Podcupine! It would feature the voices of content creators and journalists detailing all the behind-the-scenes work that went into reporting and creating the stories they tell. We would show listeners the story behind the story.

We know when one journey ends, a new one is just beginning. We all learned so much from being part of this team, and in future, when we are working on bigger projects we can all remember that part of our start was with the Moody College Media Innovation Lab’s App Development class and our Podcupine team.




Laura is a senior journalism major at the University of Texas at Austin. She is currently the social media intern at the Lone Star Sierra Club Chapter.

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Laura Morales

Laura Morales

Laura is a senior journalism major at the University of Texas at Austin. She is currently the social media intern at the Lone Star Sierra Club Chapter.

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