Medium Response #5: Study Abroad & Traveling
COMS490 Sp16

Staying Connected

I have never had the chance to study abroad; however, I have friends who have. Everyone I have asked has told me that they had an amazing experience and loved it. No one has told me that they didn’t like it or regretted going.

When answering this question, I don’t think that staying connected to friends and family affects you from immersing into the culture where you are study abroad. If a student is studying abroad, they chose to want to experience a different culture. I feel that if I ever went abroad, I would go for the experience; I wouldn’t want to constantly be on my phone or laptop checking to see what is going on at home. I would want to take advantage of where I am and what I am doing to see all the different cultures. I would want to call my friends and family every once in awhile, but not constantly. On the other hand, I do think it can become an issue when someone is constantly on his or her phone. For example, if they are having dinner and they are more interested on what is on their phone that seeing what is around them, yes it can limit how much you are immersed into the culture. A lot of my friends have said that they missed home and missed their friends, however they were able to find a balance of staying connected and experiencing the culture around them.

I think in the case of studying abroad, technology enhances traveling. It allows students to keep in touch with family and friends. There are so many ways to stay in touch with people back home, texting, phone calls, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. In addition, the person who is abroad can post pictures and show family and friends at home some of the experiences he or she is having abroad. However, it can hinder traveling if a person is more interested it what is happening back home than what is happen around them and experiencing new things with people around you.

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