How do immigration and IT influence one another?

3 min readJun 8, 2022
Lampa.AI booth at EMERGE 2022

It’s lovely when your job isn’t an anchor, and you can take it with you anywhere you go. Moreover, it alters traditional norms and causes significant changes in the workplace.

Evgenia Dvorskaya, Elena Puliya, and Mikhail Sharonov recently took the stage at the leading tech conference in Eastern Europe, “Emerge,” and discussed what an IT professional should know before relocating to a new place, as well as how the whole industry transforms as a result. The essential points are as follows:

“It is no longer as difficult for an IT professional to relocate as it once was.”

Almost all countries welcome IT specialists and entrepreneurs with open arms, and employment for qualified professionals is widely available. These days there are “Flex relo” packages available: firms are discovering that employees have better relocation experiences when they are provided with fundamental relocation necessities (think goods, transportation, and housing), and the remainder of their relocation expenses are covered with either a single payment or a flexible managed budget.

“Relocation is not easy.”

Moving is usually a significant shift in one’s everyday life, and stress cannot be avoided. If a person formerly worked in an office or in a hybrid model, he will face a variety of challenges after making the switch to remote work:

— Lack of social interaction

— Work-life balance difficulties

— Too many distractions

However, there is a solution!

Companies conduct virtual team sports, yoga, and meditation sessions to cope with this. To develop a strong team culture, remote team building is often employed. Overall, companies are increasingly turning to employee mental health monitoring services like Engagedly, which helps conduct surveys to measure employee engagement, motivation, and satisfaction.

As for the employees themselves, they also resort to third-party apps. Daylio, Moodnotes, and Stigma, for example, allow you to track your mood and keep a diary to record your thoughts. Their applications aid in identifying trends and improving the overall mental state of their users.

“Immigration has a strong impact on IT!”

There has been exponential growth in market sectors, including collaboration software, analytics, onboarding software, video conferencing, and many more… However, these changes are not as significant as those in workers’ minds: there has been an increase in awareness of personal time, with 51% worried about their work-life balance. If you don’t want an employee to run, don’t call them past work hours!

“There are new trends in remote work.”

A lot has changed: now, rather than a raise in salary, workers are more likely to be rewarded with decreased working hours. AI is utilized to identify applicants for recruiting, and automated online skill testing is used to evaluate them. Remote work is seen as a full-time job, and 97% enjoy it.

In the workplace, remote employees are also cared for by AI: services are used to monitor employee status, development, and team management.

“Immigration also provokes positive changes.”

Thanks to immigration, attention to cyber security has increased. Significant growth and many new IT systems and cybersecurity infrastructure investments are expected. This is happening because employees began to work outside corporate networks — therefore, the risk of data leakage increased. This example perfectly shows how quickly and flexibly this industry reacts to changes.

Change is always exciting, both for individuals who must adapt to new circumstances and for businesses that can spot them in time.

Evgenia represented Lampa.AI at Emerge, a platform for developing and measuring potential, growth, and soft skills founded on scientific psychology and psychometrics. We help employees unlock their fullest professional potential through psychological practices and tests and foster personal growth.

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