Venice, pictures and feelings

I will tell you a story about Venice. I’ve been there twice. And today was just looking at photos remembering things, I also cought up a thought about my promise to write the continuation of my Italy trip. I’m ready to share my feelings about Venice today. I will always keep good things in my memories about it.

First time I was there happened in April. I stayed at couchserfer’s apartment which was very nice and it was my first experience with couchsurfing. It was situated in Mestre, a place near Venice where you can get to using tram. I travelled with a tram several times and had to pass about 15 stops one way listening to the girl’s voice, speaking out the names of the stops. This was the way I learned for all my life how to say “next stop”, “prossima fermata”. I love such a kind of things. The signs in the streets to remember up. The waiters who tell you quite few words which you can remember easily, very friendly sellers in the shops, who say “Ciao, ciao” every time you get in the shop and get out. After two days being alone with only foreigners around I started to pretend that I was an Italian girl when visiting shops and restaurants. If people didn’t start a big conversation, it worked :)

So what is so cool about Venice? Well, I don’t want to use grandiloquent phrases describing it, but simply walking down the winding roads and getting lost, meeting the dead ends in the streets was so cozy and cool.

You meet channels everywhere:

Doors are decorated in European style. And windows are decorated in the special Italian style ;)

Streets, boats, sun.

Very narrow streets

This by the way is everywhere. It amazes how people manage the setting up the clotheslines: the whole floors pal up.

Here is the faculty of phycisal, mathematical and natural sciences. The University of Venice. The sign below “L’università non è una banca!” means “The university is not a bank!”*

*My friend told me that it is the sign of the students’ protest: the thing is the government takes away the public funding from the universities so they are supposed to earn money by themselves (like banks).

Again. The view is perfect! I’d tell more. You can be sarcastic, you can be ironic about this kind of stuff, the fact is I started to get impressions about foreign places wih no reprehensibility and not much of expectations. While I’m there, while I’m in Venice I’m just breathing its air and absorbing the atmosphere. It’s not important how it looks according to my previous life points of view. I just percieve it the way it is. And it is the perfect feeling. It might be described like “Venice is so special because of the clothes lines”. This is quite the same to say “Moscow is so special because of non-smiling faces”. It is just the way it is and it is the way I want to see it.

Ok, ok, I know you want to see more channels views:

The wrong song? Non è una problema! Try Delilah:

Several years ago I started to learn Italian with Pimsleur audio lessons. And one of the first phrases of my Italian became “Dove è la Piazza San Marco?”, it came in handy! The view from it:

Venice becomes the other city when it gets darker

You can find a lot of bakeries over there:

And I want to come to finish of my today story with the evening venetian picture.

The second time I was in Venice was in July, but I was there for only 3–4 hours. But it was still nice and cozy. I would love to come back.