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You have seen these articles a thousand times:

  • “10 things you should build to become a top developer.”
  • “Top Frameworks to learn in 2019.”
  • “Do this to become a rockstar developer.”
  • “Read these ten technical books, and you will be a successful developer.”

What they talk about is that you should learn reactjs or node. Build the ToDo App. Read Python Crash Course and boom you're a top developer.

This is all (theoretical) technical knowledge. You need to learn the technical knowledge but do you think that a hairdresser that can hold some scissors in the technically correct way is good? …

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I have been using a lot of editors and IDE’s since I began programming.
Eclipse, Netbeans, Notepade++, Brackets Editor, Sublime Text 2, Sublime Text 3, Webstorm, Atom Editor and probably some more I forgot.

Currently, I’m using Visual Studio Code. According to google trends, it is also the most searched editor. There are some excellent reasons for that.

* vs code feels fast. It is tough to get vs code to slow down. Usually, it is not the fault of vs code but a poorly implemented extension.

* File search is super fast. It feels instant. …

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Why (Framework) traveling will not make you happy.

We all had this thought that only if we went to another country like Tokyo, Japan, for two weeks, we would be so much happier, relaxed, and creative.

Because your current city is so boring and nothing happens. You have seen the old town a thousand times; you went to that bar with the whiskey sour cocktail to often, it is nothing special anymore; the people you know are just complaining all day long and are doing nothing that excites you anymore.

If you would be in Tokyo, you could see all these new streets, and you would visit the Tokyo sky tree. Ahh, sky tree doesn’t that alone sound so exciting? You would try Sakė the Japanese alcohol drink made out of rice. Also, you know that you would meet many new inspiring people because you know that Japanese culture is more group-oriented and you would find a fantastic group where you would blossom like a beautiful red camellia in the morning sun. …

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You got this task from that company you want to work for! You are hyped and you immediately start to work on it. After a long night of coding, you are done and you think you implemented the best thing ever!

So you send the task back to the company. After some time you get an email from that company. You are confident that you aced it and they are sending you a draft of the contract!

Then you read the E-Mail and you can’t believe what you are seeing. …

The `line-height` CSS property defines the space between two inline elements. The typical use is, to space-out text. You can see people comparing it to ‘leading’ which is a term used in typography that refers to the space between the baseline of two lines of text. `line-height` works differently. It adds space above and under the text.

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Left: Leading, Right: line-height


You can use `line-height` with different values like this:

body {
line-height: normal; /* default */
line-height: 2;
line-height: 1em;
line-height: 1rem;
line-height: 200%;
line-height: 20px;

Oh boy 😧! That’s a lot. Let’s get through them one by one 👍.

Default value and unitless value

‘normal’ is the default value if you don’t set it to something different. Usually, this means that it is set to `1.2`, this depends on the browser vendor. So what does just a number value without any unit mean? It is actually a multiplier. It takes the `font-size` value and multiplies it by `1.2`. Let’s calculate the height of one line with the following example. …

I do job interviews with Junior/Senior developers and sometimes I’m amazed at what I see or hear.

Here are some tips that could help you to land your dream job!

1) Find a pleasant background. Think about the other persons, they will have to look at it for at least 30 minutes. Don’t sit in your bad. Don’t do it in a place with a lot of people who are talking in the background.

2) Wear something appropriate. I have seen people doing their interview in an old dirty white T-shirt. You don’t have to dress up as you would go to your own wedding. …

I use three types of accounts:

* Private
* Full-time work
* Web development work

If you want to know why I’m using three types of accounts. Leave a comment down below.

I’m switching all the time between these accounts on different websites.

Logging into Gmail with my work account and at the same time logging into Gmail with my private account. So I can read both emails.

Another example is YouTube. I’m subscribed to different types of channels on every account.

Firefox Multi-Account Containers to the rescue!

From the day on I discovered them I use them everywhere and Firefox is my main browser because of that. …

Michael Lazarski

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