Lampix will transform the augmented reality space in two ways: making it simpler to augment a flat horizontal surface and make computer vision training data easily available and crowd-sourceable.

There are two components of Lampix, which includes the database platform and lampix product.

Database platform:

This is a collection of {picture, description} data-sets sent from picture miners. These data sets will be voted on by the community to verify and ensure the description matches the picture. With a growing data ecosystem of pictures, developers and other companies can use the platform to stream relevant data for their application or product. This will make the development process quicker and produce accurate results.

Lampix Product:

The lampix product is a lamp with a projector, specifically placed LEDs, and a cloud-enabled computer. It is designed to transform any flat horizontal surface into an interactive computer. A user can work on their paper document with someone remotely drawing or adding comments on it. At a restaurant, a customer finishing their soda can place their empty glass on the table, which would then prompt the lampix to recognize that the cup is empty, allowing the customer to order a refill instantly with the tap of a button on the table. The applications for the lampix are limited to the imagination, which is why we made it an open-sourced API.

Why are we doing a Crowd-Sale Token Launch (CTL) called PIX?

There are three reasons why we need to do a CTL:

1. In order to fulfill our vision of having a lampix in every room, shop, office, and factory we ideally need to raise $60 million.

2. We are building a crowd-mining platform on the blockchain database with at least one billion {picture, description} datasets. With PIX tokens, we can encourage people to mine these datasets, which can be done with the lampix device. The PIX token will also be used for payment to voters who will help maintain the integrity of each data set, making sure each picture matches their description.

3. PIX tokens will be used for

Funds Allocation:

Total: 1,100,000,000 PIX tokens will be created.

Issued: 550,000,000 tokens (50%) will be issued and the coins not sold will be burned.

Reserved: 330,000,000 PIX tokens.

The tokens set in reserve will be released at the end of each period:

  1. 25% will be locked for 12 months
  2. 25% will be locked for 24 months
  3. 25% will be locked for 36 months
  4. 25% will be locked for 48 months
  5. At each release of tokens:
  • 30% will be used for data acquisition costs, development, marketing and other corporate needs
  • 50% will be allocated to acquire other companies, patent needs and IP needs
  • 10% will be allocated to external partners, if needed
  • 10% will be distributed to all PIX token holders (air drop) proportionally to their holdings at the time of the event in PIX tokens.

Company/Team: 220,000,000 PIX tokens will be allocated to the team.

Crowd-Sale Token Launch Break-down:

We are selling 550,000,000 PIX tokens over a three-day period with a price of $0.12 per a PIX during the crowd-sale.

Launch Date:

We are currently in the process of still rolling out details for the crowd-sale token launch, but we plan to start it in late July or early August. Please stay tuned with the following sources:

As with any company, it is important to understand who is behind the vision. Meet the team:

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