Lampix (PIX) November 2018 Update

Dear Community,

For those who ordered one, Lampix will arrive in time for the holiday season! We will be shipping new devices no later than 15 December. While the hardware has already passed safety testing, the backlog of EMC certification has meant a slight delay in the arrival of the new machines. We are however, extremely happy to see the excited anticipation of our fans. Thank you again for your continued support on this journey.

We’re also excited to share details on the progress we’ve made in the past month, including our CTO and Co-Founder Mihai Dumitrescu’s keynote about the Lampix Vision at Cluj IT Days 2018.


  • Progress continues on the extended crowd voting process. Core functionality has been implemented.
  • Developers are working on the payment algorithm.
  • Running tests in production environment. Contract deployed to the main Ethereum network.


  • Lampix hosted a presentation booth at TEDxBucharest on 30 November and 1 December 2018.


  • Final packaging, product manual, and product sticker currently in production.
  • Camera calibration and software flashing stations set up for production.
  • Sub-assembly order was reorganized to optimize for production.
  • Technical file preparation for CE declaration underway.


  • Whole computer vision team focusing on retraining finger recognizer for new lampix height and different light/background conditions.
  • Lots of work on auto-update infrastructure for lampix, lampix production image, portal. Delivered lampix devices will self-update main lampix image as well as apps and watchers.
  • LampixJS API will be published as stable (currently in beta) by December, along with new documentation being published at


  • Acquired new innovation team partners in established telecom and automotive companies. Note: This is in addition to the already large number of corporate innovation teams who will be receiving their kits at the same time as developers in a few weeks.