Lampix (PIX) October 2018 Update

Dear Community,

Our Company is gearing up to deliver the first shipment of Lampix in the next few weeks. EXCITING! Here is the batch we’re sending for safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) certification — We were told it will take a few weeks for them to be certified.

We’re also excited to share details on the work we’ve completed in the past month:


  • A beta version of the voting process is in beta testing. Core functionality has been implemented and we are using the system internally for the first few data sets. Currently, developers are working on the payment algorithm.
  • We have made UX/UI improvements to make the user experience smoother based on our beta testing.


  • PIX is officially listed on Swap.Online
  • Approved new PIX website created by an outside agency to improve website clarity and messages.
  • New retail app for Lampix deployed and shown during Restaurant Innovation Summit in Dallas, 7–8 November.


  • Received and tested packaging for shipping devices.
  • Assembly process started for the entire batch in New Jersey in the United States.
  • T1 samples of PC-ABS plastic enclosure received from manufacturer. Tested, and feedback sent for T2 samples.
  • Continuing development and refinement of jigs and processes for final assembly, calibration, and testing.
  • Added compliance requirements into product manuals and labels.


  • Finalizing Lampix stack for a pilot client in Queens, New York.
  • Improving the quality assurance process for computer vision.
  • Finalizing a retail Lampix app for a pilot client in New York.
  • Working with existing large corporation pilot clients to improve the Lampix stack and platform.
  • Deployed the Lampix remote automatic software update.
  • Lampix app store deployed for closed beta.