Lampix (PIX) September 2018 Update

Dear Community,

Happy Fall! We are excited to share this update with all of you.

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  • Working on the crowd voting process. Core functionality has been implemented. Currently, developers are working on the payment algorithm.
  • Testing the app in staging environment. Engineers are using Infura to connect to the Rinkeby Testnet.


  • Injection molding tooling for plastic enclosure parts has been kicked off.
  • Packaging design is underway, including packaging inserts, product manual, and product sticker.
  • Design of jigs for assembly in production is underway.


  • Launched Lampix-as-a-Service (LAAS) model. The LAAS model provides another entry point into the consumer-facing Restaurant and Retail segment businesses as well as providing a steady flow of renewal revenue for Lampix.
  • Salvatore Buccellato has been appointed as the company’s first Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). He joins the New York team with experience in the institutional e-commerce trading space, customized technology delivery, and liquidity solutions for high frequency traders, brokerage firms, and buy-side money managers across a variety of CFD, FX, and precious metal products.


  • Announcement of first PIX airdrop on 2 October. The airdrop campaign celebrates the one year anniversary since Lampix launched its initial coin offering (ICO) of 657,154,880 PIX tokens. From the start, the company’s ICO was structured with a 30% reserve, of which 25% will be unlocked and 10% of that amount was earmarked for four annual commemorative airdrops. The PIX snapshot/cutoff will be 2 October at 1700 GMT. The airdrop will proportionately award bonus PIX tokens into the portfolio of existing PIX holders.
  • Announcement of hackathon on 13–14 October. Developers with mid-level or higher programming skills are invited to join the event for a fun and food-filled, restaurant-themed hackathon to create visually stunning experiences in AR on a one-of-a-kind platform and its respective API. Lampix will provide food, workshops, and access to augmented reality you can touch! Awesome prizes sponsored by Bareburger!!!


  • Will be showing demonstrations in the NYVR Incubator Zone, which will take place at the Javits Center on 25–27 October.
  • Will be showing demonstrations at the Restaurant Innovation Summit, which will take place in Dallas, Texas on 7–8 November.