What is Augmented reality and how is Lampix going to redefine the computer user experience?

Augmented reality is the idea of bringing graphics from the digital world and integrating them into your real-world environment. This is exciting as it can make daily tasks easier and faster to execute. From virtually applying make-up, furniture visualization, to trying on a new pair of shoes and even more. Instead of doing physical trial and error, one can instantly swipe through options and efficiently choose the product. These examples are a fraction of what augmented reality can do.

We are living in an exciting time where virtual technology is merging with the physical world. Lampix wants to bring this vision to fruition, not only through their product, but also a database platform. Lampix built a lamp with a projector, specifically placed LED lights, and computer to make any surface into an interactive computer. It is not just a computer where you can use a keyboard and type in a document, it’s way more.

Imagine being an artist and drawing a sketch on a piece of paper and with one simple click, you can digitally upload that image to your computer and/or any social media page. This example does not even scratch the surface of the applications that could be brought to reality with Lampix. Check out the youtube channel to see it in action.

The Lampix’s software and hardware is fascinating, but when I learned about how they want to process all the data on a large-scale, I became even more intrigued. In order to use Lampix’s api to develop an application, there needs to be a bank of information for developers to use to bring these applications to life. For instance, if you want to create an app for doctors to use where the patient sits down and places their hurting arm under the Lampix and then displays an image of the bone on top, you will need a database of arm images. Lampix is able to precisely identify the patients arm with the help of the database containing pictures. A database is necessary to create applications, but who is adding these pictures?

The Lampix database community will help grow the picture ecosystem. The community will be comprised of picture miners who send in {picture, description} data-sets and voters. A picture miner will use their Lampix to take pictures and pair it with a description. The community would then vote on the picture to see if it matches the description. Both picture miners and voters are compensated with PIX tokens at different rates for each verified picture submitted or for each vote that aligns with the consensus of each picture. As the community grows the database, Lampix will run a computer vision algorithm to discard doubles and clearly incorrect pictures.

In order to accomplish the growth of the database and distribution of the Lampix product, we will be launching a crowd-sale token. More information will be released on the details soon. Please check out our list of resources below to keep updated on this launch.

How will Lampix’s database revolutionize the augmented reality industry?

Most applications made for augmented reality usually requires a data-set needed from the real world. This is where Lampix’s database comes into play. It will be the dictionary of all real world objects that developers can tap into. Technologies such as the HoloLens or Google Glass will be able to use this database. I am excited to see what developers will do with this data and where augmented reality will bring us.

To learn more about Lampix, check out the links below to either learn more or speak with the team directly:

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