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A Vintage Bulb from 100 Years Ago

(Originally published on lampsusa.com)

Edison bulb fixtures like this are extremely popular

By now, you’ve probably seen vintage bulbs just like this somewhere. Chances are strong that you might own some yourself. Well, in a recent discovery befitting Indiana Jones, someone unearthed a real life HYLO brand filament bulb. What makes it interesting, is that it was lit — for about 100 years!

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The popularity of bulbs mimicking this recent discovery is no mystery, just look at how cool they are. It doesn’t take a lighting expert to look at one of these bulbs and be impressed.

You’ve probably also heard them referred to as Edison bulbs, as they pay homage to Thomas Edison’s discoveries and inventions in Menlo Park, New Jersey that made the electric bulb possible in the first place.

Early bulbs had a paper filament that glowed bright orange in a transparent glass bulb, which is exactly how one would describe the current vintage industrial era bulbs that we’re selling by the dozens here in the Lamps USA warehouse.

The contemporary vintage bulb or vintage Edison style light bulb, whatever you want to call them, are typically LED or at least a highly efficient visible filament of some sort.