Lamps USA Works with Security Experts to Compile 10 Tips for Home Security

Security Lights are a staple in any complete home security set-up

Lamps USA, through consultation with security experts, produced this automated video detailing steps to a complete home security system.

Video transcription (the ten tips for complete home security):

  1. Lock Outside Doors

Lock farthest outside doors (storm and screen), as they can provide cover for a would-be intruder. A common behavior of burglars is to use your house’s configuration against you. 
Exterior doors can provide an intruder with just enough cover to jimmy the interior door lock and get free reign to your belongings and your peace of mind.

2. Neighborhood Watch

Report suspicious activity in your neighborhood. A community that watches out for each other stays safe. Be alert of any suspicious or unusual activities and communicate them with your neighbors.

3. Install a Security System

Get a home security system installed. Alarm and/or camera systems serve an important role in home security as both a deterrent and a way for rapid/effective notification of authorities.

4. Install Security Lighting

Outdoor security lamps are essential for any safe home. A well-lit exterior, complimented with motion activated security lights, leave no shadows for potential burglars/intruders to hide.

5. Position of Outdoor Lighting

The position of your outdoor security lights is also crucial. Make sure they are high enough that they are not easily disrupted. Also, be sure to conceal any of the wiring that powers your lights

6. Leave a Light On

Keep a night light or some other low-cost energy efficient lamp lit overnight to show activity in the home. This is where the low operational, long-life aspects of LED lights come in handy. Plus, with government rebate programs, now is a great time to go LED.

7. Vivex Value

Consider Vivex Weatherproof lights for outside. The weather can be tormenting for many big-box or home improvement store lights. 
Where others fail, Vivex rises to the occasion as the strongest opposition to torrential torment (in terms of outdoor lighting).

8. Use Timers

Use timers on devices like TVs and lamps, as help to stagger lighting from room to room while you sleep. They also can be set to turn lights off as the sun rises (saving electricity and preserving bulbs).

9. Get A Dog

If you were looking for a reason to add a canine to the family, well here’s one of the best. Beyond some health benefits, dogs are fiercely loyal to their owners and respond much quicker to potential intrusions.

10. Don’t Forget to Close the Blinds

Close your blinds when you’re not home. 
Don’t let any would-be intruders get an idea of what to expect inside and how to exploit access points to your home.

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