Can Career Colleges Save America From a Skills Shortage?

A 2013 Forbes article warns American tradesmen are disappearing and job openings aren’t being filled. It’s argued that an emphasis on competitive student applications for 4-year colleges neglects the importance of trades. Mike Rowe, host of TV Series Dirty Jobs warns the skills gap is real and widening. For every one tradesman that enters the field three others leave or retire. The consequences are already being realized. The American Society of Civil Engineers evaluated the state of America’s infrastructure and concluded the assessment with a D+ grade. Though the shortage of skilled tradesmen poses both a threat to the U.S. it is also a huge opportunity in the labor market that needs to be prioritized.

Tradesmen can enjoy clear and stable career paths while working with their hands to help build and rebuild America. They have challenging careers and can often out-earn those who possess a Bachelor’s Degree. For instance, heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration mechanics and installers — often called HVAC technicians, earn entry-level wages of over $42,000! Projected pay increases of up to 40% in the next 10 years and an abundance of job openings is nothing short of good bait.

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