Wardrobe Spotlight: Alina

My name is Alina.

I live in Goodna. I just moved there from the city so I’m still getting used to suburban life.

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Mass Communications at QUT (soon to graduate…YAS!) and working as the Public Relations intern at Lána.

When I’m not working I am just lazing around watching K-dramas.

I get excited about pretty much anything, just like a puppy, and sad about other people being sad, or running out of chocolate.

My favourite food will always be an amazing dessert or a crunchy.

My hidden talent is being multilingual, I understand some German, Japanese, Mandarin, and Korean, I’m also fluent English and Russian.

My favourite piece of clothing is A DRESS, I Love dresses.

My favourite labels include Country Road, Juicy Couture, Guess, and Zara.

Alina’s wardrobe will be available soon on Lána!

Rent the look
Rent the look
Rent the look
Rent the look
Rent the look

Check out Alina’s virtual wardrobe here.