The Growing Focus on Local Advertising

Increasing competition is forcing many businesses to focus more on local advertising. The constant changes in search traffic are also playing a role. Local ads are seen as a smart way for small businesses to boost sales while increasing the company’s presence online.

Bing recently revealed its new Ads Express program targeted at small businesses. The beta program is being limited to certain cities, but it may expand in the future. Bing is simply the latest company to focus on geo-targeting in advertising, and the Google Maps App has recently added local advertising. Ads can be created with AdWords Express and can contain detailed information about the business.

Local advertising online can boost sales for a business, but it still requires a careful plan. Mobile ads are seeing the greatest increase, so companies have to target their ads the right way to make sure they are not missing out on this important market.

The reliance of consumers on their phones to find instant information about local businesses has created the increasing demand for local ads. Search engines are not the only ones that have noticed. Social media networks are also paying attention and trying to find ways to boost their advertising revenues.

Facebook has its own beta program for businesses that gives consumers free WiFi if they check-in. Customers who try to take advantage of the WiFi at a business are taken to a check-in page on Facebook before they can enjoy the rest of the Internet. There is a simple reason for the free WiFi. The social network gets location information, and this can lead to more local ads.