2018 Honda Ridgeline — Price and Trim Changes

It has been a year since the second generation of currently most controversial pickup truck debuted, and Japanese already did tumbling of prices and trimming. So, let’s see what all that commotion about it.

Sales wise, current generation made a good start, although purely in Ridgeline’s sense. Breaching over 20k of sold units last year is still laughable compared to figures achieved by Colorado or Tacoma, which in short are almost five and ten times higher. But, as we said, Honda is pleased with it, and it already raised the bar. Price one, unfortunately. Still, it’s hardly a matter of greed as the bump is rather trivial, pushing starting price at $29,630 or modest $155 increase. In total, different pricing hardly changes anything about it, while new trim shuffle kind of does.

Strange Deduction

When some model arrives fresh on the market, it sometimes starts more humbly, while time adds more trims, choices, equipment and so on. Honda made an opposite move here and deleted (second in the row) RTS trim level, while also denying AWD option for base RT trim. That means that now the cheapest way to get wonders of “power sent to all wheels” is Sport trim with checked appropriate option’s box. And that just pushed the price north for $3,695, in case you are into cheapest, yet capable, Honda’s truck. What done is done, and now let’s dwell into other trimming details.

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