2018 Lincoln Navigator- How will it look?

Even though the 2018 Lincoln Navigator is still at least a few months away from release, with the help of the concept released a while back it is safe to assume how the end result will look. For starters, the front end will take inspiration from the newly released Continental with the same recessed grille and slim headlights. Also, instead of having the massive glasshouse found in the original, the new one will be a bit more subtle. The rear three-quarter glass will be smaller and likely shaped to give the car a sportier overall appearance.

More on: http://carslane.com/2018-lincoln-navigator/

Like most other SUVs in this class, the 2018 Lincoln Navigator will offer a lot of space for the money. As standard, it will more than likely be able to carry up to seven people with the L version being expected to be offered in four, five, seven and eight seat versions. The design will also change dramatically. For starters, this model won’t use the dashboard from an F-150 but instead, it will come with a unique design, likely with cues from the Continental. The materials should be well above the original as well, especially when considering Lincoln’s latest cars.

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