2018 Subaru WRX STI-Is It Time to Redesign?

Whenever I take a look at the photos of the 2018 Subaru WRX STI they always remind me of my childhood and my first racing game. It was Colin McRae Rally 2 and, although I cannot name all the cars that were available in the game, I clearly remember there was one identical to the car mentioned above.


Perhaps it was even Subaru, maybe even the WRX. The name stands for ‘World Rally eXperimental,’ but you can find some sources telling you it is an abbreviation for “World Rally Cross.” One thing is sure, though — every single WRX comes with rally-inspired technology. In other words, they come with all-wheel drive, turbocharged four-cylinders and stiffer suspensions. The vehicle debuted as a Subaru Impreza, but it completely changed the name, and since the third generation it’s been known simply as WRX on most of the markets.
 Subaru Technica International (STI) is Subaru’s high-performance tuning team. The team adds more power, speed and aggression to Subaru models. The 2018 WRX will get refreshment as well and it will be the most powerful in the family.

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