2018 Toyota Sequoia — Stylish and Reliable for a Great Price!

The ongoing Sequoia was revealed back in 2007, so it is not exactly a new car. While a new model has been expected for a while, Toyota has kept on improving the crossover to prolong its life. Unfortunately, this is also the case with the 2018 Toyota Sequoia which is just another small facelift done to an ancient design. Both the exterior and interior have been slightly revised. However, most of the running gear, as well as the powertrain, remain the same as before. The good part is that the Sequoia remains a sturdy body-on-frame SUV which manages to offer acceptable off-road performance and plenty of towing capabilities. Its main drawback has to be the awful fuel consumption as well as the less than ideal on-road performance. In order to improve the latter Toyota released a particular on-road version which is meant to handle better through corners without compromising its off-road performance.

The new 2018 Sequoia TRD Sport offers quite a few improvements over the regular model. It comes with a high-performance Bilstein set of shocks, different springs, thicker anti-roll bars as well as new 20 inch rims. These have been wrapped in high-performance street tires, so the Sequoia should drive just as good as it looks. The price hasn’t been revealed so far. Despite that, we are quite sure the TRD Sport package will cost less than $3,000 which would make it a deal, especially with all the other upgrades. The regular version is still expected to cost right around $46,000 which is quite a bit more than some of its rivals.

The updated Sequoia already had its introduction at 2017 Chicago Auto Show where it was presented alongside fellow Toyota model Tundra. Both of these models got slightly updated and were showed in their TRD PRO forms. As long as we are talking about the dealership release date of 2018 Toyota Sequoia, it is scheduled for September of this year. The Japanese manufacturer is surely taking its time with this model. Why? Well, with Ford releasing a new generation of Expedition Sequoia is now officially oldest large SUV on the market. Despite this facelift, the time is about right for a complete redesign of this ancient SUV. When that happens, we will be waiting for you with the latest info on the subject.

Originally published at carttraction.com on May 5, 2017.