Letting go of a Dream

Since I was 12 I dreamt of meeting my soulmate.
I felt him energetically.
I missed him immensely.
With him I felt complete.
With him I felt understood.
He was the part of me I felt was missing.

I was looking for him in every boy and man I met,
so I didn’t see clearly.
I got lost in the dream,
searching for what I needed 
outside of myself.

At 20 I met him
but then I changed.

At 29 I met him again 
but then he changed.

At 30
I divorced the dream.

Letting go of the dream came with the biggest sadness,
But I had to do it.
I was becoming a slave to my own dream.
I was enjoying less because I wanted every man to be him,
and every moment to be with him.

Letting go of the dream doesn’t mean you won’t get it.
Becoming the dream means you will.

Letting go of the lifelong dream 
of meeting my soulmate
has set me free.

I no longer need to meet him.
He is in me.
He was a piece of me I needed to become.
Now I feel complete.
Now I feel understood.

Maybe you have a dream that is causing you pain.
It may be time to divorce that dream
and love what is.

Because your true dream is
to live in bliss.

- Lana Bos

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