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Wearing your medicine, putting plant colors on your body for protection and healing is a very, very old tradition. Different cultures would wear sacred garments and textiles dyed with plants to be used for ceremony work, for going into battle. — Jennifer Johnson

In my work on Plant Love Radio I’m always looking for new ways to enjoy plants. One of those happened few months back when I met Jennifer Johnson and fell in love with her work.

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“Smartphones are not a concept of the universal progress — there are good things to this technology and there are negatives.” Dr. Jeff Cain

Noticing the problem in my life

For the past several years I’ve been asking my students about stress in their lives. The numbers of people reporting feeling consistently overwhelmed, stressed and anxious are growing exponentially.

Earlier this year I attended a pharmacy learning conference where some of these topics where discussed. One surprising explanation for the above problems came up in a session delivered by Dr. Jeff Cain, a professor from the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy. …

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You’ve heard that food is medicine.

But what does it really mean? Can the food you eat truly heal your body?

I sat down with a culinary medicine educator Lisa Masé to figure this out.

After a decade of healing from chronic parasites, anxiety and depression, an eating disorder, and food allergies, Lisa took health into her hands with food as her medicine.

About 10 years ago she started to work with people who want to make a lifestyle shift as well as those trying to heal with food chronic conditions (e.g., …

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Have you ever considered all the different ways you can incorporate herbs into your daily rituals?

As a pharmacist I began studying herbs as a way to enhance your body. My explorations began with capsules and tablets. This is what I was familar with in my practice.

Fast forward to 2008, I go from self-study, to actively learning from herbalists (through classes and programs). In most situations my teachers were comparing herbs to foods and cooking.

I remember being surprised at first, but these days, this is how I teach my own students. …

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Lots of people around me have been sick for the past few weeks.

And I am certain that over the years you’ve experimented with a variety of ways to keep your cold away.

Most of the times, however, it is not that simple, or is it?

When I started studying herbal medicine, I’ve learned that there are many different herbs that can stimulate and enhance your immune system.

As an herbalist, I love to experiment with them on me and my loved ones.

But I wanted to hear what other practitioners think.

So, I’ve decided to talk a rising star…

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You’ve probably heard about the concept of voting with your wallet.

In today’s day this is one of the MOST powerful tools we have to support people and causes we believe in.

Local food and agriculture is one of such causes for me. I love my farmer’s market, learning where my food comes from, and supporting the farmers.

It’s becomes much more personal than buying food from a supermarket.

Don’t get me wrong, I shop at the stores. But these days my first stop is the farmer’s market.

Few years back I met Kate Stillman at my farmer’s market.


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In today’s world we are bombarded by all sorts of information.

Sometimes the advice makes sense and we make changes in the way we eat, sleep, or exercise.

Recently I talked with a teacher of mine, Richard Madelbaum. Richard is a clinician, educator and botanist. He always surprises and inspires me with his ideas and stories. This conversation was no different.

Richard’s views on nutrition were especially interesting for me. We talked about trends and the pendulum swinging from low-fat, high-carbohydrate diets to high-fat, low-carb ones in the past decade.

Richard looks at how we eat on a very individualized…

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Do you have dreams that sometimes feel completely unachievable?

Like learning a new language? or starting a blog? or meditating on a daily basis?

I have a friend, who is an altMBA alum. Her name is Cheryl Johnson.

Cheryl is an education researcher and health & fitness enthusiast. Last year she created a new practice called Box Lunch Lifestyle.

This week Cheryl talked to me about her dreams. She hopes that every day for lunch each of us could eat some good, nourishing food that we bring from home, and invest the rest of our time into our dreams.


MCPHS University

Formerly known as Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, MCPHS University founded in 1823, is the second-oldest, private school of pharmacy in the United States. The University consists of four campuses in Massachusetts and New Hampshire (Boston, Worcester, Manchester) and Online. It has strong roots in the area of natural products.

In 1923 Heber Youngken was brought into pharmacy school to chair the materia medica and botany departments. During his 40 years of service he built an herbarium, wrote multiple books on pharmaceutical botany and pharmacognosy, served as a botanical editor of the US Dispensatory’s 21st edition, contributed to…

In 2010 two pharmacy professors Dr. Lana Dvorkin Camiel and Dr. Maria Kostka-Rokosz started two blogs as a way of exposing their pharmacy students to the latest news and updates in the world of pharmacy and natural products.

In 2015 these two blogs have merged to become Medication Health News and now a publication on Medium with the same name.

Students taking courses in drug literature evaluation, over-the-counter drugs and self-care products, herbal and dietary supplements, complementary and alternative medicine and sustainability love Medication Health News and many become ambassadors wherever they go.

Students and healthcare professionals rely on the…

Lana Camiel

Teaching to be less stressed & more focused with the right herbs & food. Pharmacist/ herbalist/ teacher/ podcaster.

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