7 Super Sexy Words That A Man Can Say To A Woman (woman’s point of view)

The other day I read a post from Good Men Project about “The Sexiest 3 Words A Man Can Say To A Woman”. I couldn’t help but agree to the point given by writer Bryan Reeves about these three words. To be honest it really does work and yes to my eyes when my man say these words I feel so much reassurance and confidence. Like I can just leave my worries to him.

I shared that article with my husband and it is heart fluttering when I hear him saw those words coupled with a sly grin and a wink. He really does know how to win me over and over and over.

What I thought was a potent “weapon” in the hands of my husband was no match to another line that I recently heard that came out from his lips. No, those were not words that he read from an article posted online. Nor was it from a men’s guide. He said 7 words that made my heart skip and look at him with such fondness. He said those words after his nonviolent communication workshop (NVC) with Yoram Mosenzon from Connecting2Life that I cannot stop from recommending to friends. The practice of NVC has really been life changing and Yoram as a coach is simply wonderful.

Anyway going back to that Wednesday night after his NVC course, my husband came roughly an hour before midnight. When he opened the door and I greeted him in the hallway, I had my arms wrapped on his shoulders when I saw his face, so seriously in thought. I was bothered but before I can ask what was wrong he said the most beautiful 7 super sexy words that is sure to make me fall in love with my husband over and over again. He said “I have something to share with you.”

This line might draw a question mark to some people but for those who believe that communication is a vital key to a relationship then a man opening up to his partner is a BIG thing. Seated next to him as he shared how his evening went, I took the time to listen and to look at him. This man that I have known for more than a decade now. This handsome man whose gaze penetrated through my defenses and whose smile can give me butterflies in my stomach. The man seated next to me pouring his soul and I just melt.

When was the last time he said those words voluntarily without me coaxing his feelings out? I couldn’t recall. But I just basked on that moment of openness. That moment of vulnerability where he was sharing his needs. That moment of wanting me to see a part of his thoughts and feelings. That moment where I felt so connected to him in ways that physical closeness cannot fully give.

“I have something to share with you” meant so much because it gave me a glimpse to his soul and I am grateful. Grateful for the moment that we shared. Grateful for his openness. Grateful for having this special man in my life who would move mountains if he could just to understand me and make our relationship grow.

Him going to a roomful of people talking about feelings and needs in a NVC course is already a big step. But going home to me after that and telling me “I have something to share with you” are the seven sexiest words that I a man can say to his woman. At least to this woman.

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