A User Interface Design that Allows Graceful Social Interaction

Today I chatted with a new friend who is in the business of manufacturing custom covers for ping pong paddles. After receiving an invitation to the launch party, our conversation went something a little like this:

“What’s your…”
“LinkedIN? If you’re going to connect with me, that’s probably the best way to do it.”
“No, I actually meant Facebook.”
“Ahhh…I guess we are friends now.”
“And that way I can send you the event invite!”

Silent, we looked down at our social devices, while sitting across the table from one another. iPhones buzzed and chrome plugins chirped. Once we connected…

One of the things I love about User Interface Design is the fact that you have to be constantly aware of the opportunities and hazards presented by every element. You are pushing boundaries, challenging norms, while at the same time meeting users expectations.

My friend, a former UX designer for Frog Design in Austin, likes to say, “When it comes to UX, it’s a lot about breaking rules and taking risks. Often you have to do things yourself to get it done right.”

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Much like this lone guitarist, setting out on the road…

Identifying Opportunities and Hazards

Being continually aware, you have to be…

Lana Jones

Lover of philosophy, strategy, social good, and user experience design. Dancer, authentic communicator, foodie.

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