What is Truth

Feeling so dirty, unclean and unwanted;

arms showing pain of nightmares which taunted.

Souls ripped apart by the demons surrounding;

life has no feeling except constant drowning.

Looking up with dead eyes that used to hold hope;

but the constant disappointment was more than one could cope.

The want, no, need of some kind of release;

became the fuel for false life, false love and false peace.

This can’t just be it, no way this is life;

yes there will be hurt, but this much? it’s not right!

No more can one hold, not a single tear left;

past years compared to now so divided in cleft.

I pray for my life, I cry out for some mercy,

but I still hold on to the feeling I’m unworthy.

I’ve done things, said things, and watched things without fail,

and when I try to stop it’s to no avail.

I’ve tried every option, I’ve gone down every path,

but instead of finding hope, I’m met with more wrath.

I’ve been told time after time “don’t dwell, stay strong”

but I’m scared to tell them that they are wrong.

People will ask why I feel a constant doom;

they think because of my blessed life that I am immune

to hard times, awful losses, leaving me hopeless.

But little do they know that I’m not in fact flawless.

I’m not what I seem, you would never guess who I am,

every chance darkness gets, I fall from being slammed.

I have fresh scars and old, telling all of my battles

where sometimes the trials are more than I can handle.

My arms scream out to those passing by

each hoping, no begging one will notice the cry.

So they’ll reach out and help, never to cease

until I learn of true life, true love and true peace.