Bras: an accessory, or a necessity?

According to a 15 year study conducted by Professor Jean-Denis Rouillion of Universite de Franche-Comte, he concluded that bras do more harm than good. They do not reduce back pain and what they do is weaken the muscles of the breast, thus resulting in breast sagging. Also, breasts gain no benefit from being held by the bra, neither medically, physiologically, nor anatomically. So the “Bra” is a false necessity. Looking at history, the bra started as a form of support, but then evolved into something that would shape the perfect female body figure (corsets). Those who invented the modern bra were still concerned with the issue of comfort, thus removing splitting the corset. But still the purpose of support is no longer evident as to why we now have bras with fillers in order to enhance a woman’s cleavage and what not. So is this another body shaming related issue? Do we really have to always wear them? Or are they there to enhance how a woman’s breasts look because they are sexualised? But they are sexualised either way, so what’s the deal with not wearing a bra?


How Might We?

  • How might we stop this societal misjudgement if a woman chooses to not wear a bra?
  • How might we alter beauty standards as to how a woman’s breasts should look?
  • How might we make women feel comfortable if they would like to not wear a bra but are afraid to?
  • How might we alter the usage of a bra into solely an accessory and not a necessity, aka; everyday usage?
  • How might we de-sexualise breasts with respect to the context?
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