Leave it all to Bloom 🌱 🌹

Connected and Inspired,

Taking hold of my mind.

Etched in every desire;

I planted a seed for which to transpire.

Waiting for the flower to rise into the sun’s glow

Tending water to its core.

Rooted in faith, absorbing the synergy of the meadow

Sunshine glistens above, but embedded below

is a fuckery no one would ever know.

She inched her way up to the ground above;

It took her some time, showers of rain sprinkled over

As if to awaken an inner glow.

She rose up into the world, only to see a raven singing hello

A Bee stopped by to feed her some hope,

Giving her a taste of sweetness.

She never knew how much she could grow,

Until she found herself dancing with Roses next door

when all she knew was the darkness of the dirt below.

Beauty emanates within, and shines in this world of constant flow.

“Stay strong through your pain

grow flowers from it.

you have helped me

grow flowers out of mine so

bloom beautifully



bloom softly

however you need

just bloom” 🌱



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Lana M. Hantuli

On the quest to create a more unified & kind world for us all~ by spreading consciousness & sharing enlightened experiences. 🌎 💜