Keeping Pace With Design Trends 2019: 16 Bundles Any Designer Needs

Keeping pace with innovation is important in the highly-competitive IT industry. MasterBundles is your go-to resource to keep you posted on the hottest topics and trends. Whether you’re a marketer, a web developer or designer looking for fresh ideas, MasterBundles will provide you with inspiration first-hand.

On the website, you’ll get your hands on top-notch graphics bundles as well as the coverage of the latest trends. The pricing policy will pleasantly surprise you! At the moment, specific graphics bundles are available for free or at a discount of up to 80%! In this post, you will get valuable insights into what’s relevant in 2019.

#1 Postcrossing

Postcards For Hobby With No Borders

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Postcrossing isn’t really a novelty, as it has been around for over a decade. In 2005, Portuguese students had an idea of a website that would help people around the world randomly exchange postcards. After millions of paper postcards have been sent, this trend is still blooming in 2019!

MasterBundles designers see Postcrossing not only as a fun hobby but also as a chance to reveal their creative potential. What’s good, you don’t really need a reason or an occasion to send someone a paper postcard! Once you’ve registered on the website, the randomizer picks the recipient’s address from more than 500 thousand users. This way, the beautiful tradition of sending and receiving mail lives on through the years.

Unbelievably, has helped tens of millions of people exchange paper postcards. In January 2012, the ten-millionth postcard was sent! MasterBundles can provide you with unconventional and eye-catching postcard designs together with an affordable delivery option. Just take a look at the postcards listed below:

  • Winter Typography PostCard

Winter Typography PostCard is just the thing if you’re looking for a stylish winter-themed postcard design jazzed up with beautiful fonts.

  • PRINTABLE Darth Vader Valentine card [Star Wars]

The Star Wars saga fans will be in awe of this lightweight postcard with a cute Darth Vader design. Just perfect for Valentine’s Day!

  • Love You Cats Postcard

No special occasion is needed to send this Love You Cats Postcard. This watercolor postcard design will be a great fit for any holiday!

  • Funny Mother’s Day Typography Postcards Bundle

Handwritten fonts are still a powerful design trend. Try this postcard bundle to make your mum happy on Mother’s Day!

  • Happy Birthday Sexy Postcard

People with a great sense of humor and little prejudice will absolutely love this “50 Shades Of Grey” styled postcard. Just give it a try!

  • Certificate of Completion Certificate Template
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People need more certificates to stay valuable in the labor market. Coaches and schools need a modern certificate as well, so their students could hang it on the wall proudly.

For example, this certificate of completion is simple but stylish. Use Adobe Photoshop CC+ to edit information. There are 4 color options and 4 formats (PSD, AI, PDF, EPS.)

Unicorn Clipart Elements

For those who Believe in Miracles

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Even if you stopped believing in unicorns, unicorn designs are a big hit in 2019. So, MasterBundles is jumping on the bandwagon offering cute unicorn designs and clipart to make your projects unrivaled. Don’t limit yourself while using these unicorn clipart elements for digital and printed design projects.

It doesn’t matter if you’re working on interior decoration, apparel design, or a postcard illustration, this unicorn clipart will suit projects of any complexity.

At that, a bundle of unicorn clipart can become a great present for fellow designers. So, how can you use unicorn designs?

  • Clothes prints
  • Stationery design (postcards, stickers, calendars)
  • Jewelry and accessories
  • Interior decoration (wallpaper, furniture prints)

If we managed to get your attention, take a peek at these lovely unicorn clipart bundle below:

  • Unicorns: Hand-drawn Style Cartoon Illustrations

This Magical Time Collection bundle contains a plethora of unicorn designs including hand-drawn lettering, greeting cards, circle frames, hi-resolution patterns, and a calendar for 2019.

Mandala Designs 2019

Express Yourself With Gorgeous Graphics

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The mandala symbol is something you’ve definitely seen around. In Eastern religions such as Hinduism or Buddhism, mandalas are considered sacred. It is believed that their intricate geometry represents the Universe structure. In Sanskrit, “mandala” means a “circle”, “disk”, “center.” In 2019, designers are reinventing mandalas to make them a huge trend.

Starting with floral compositions and ending with UI elements in web design, accessories and apparel prints, mandalas can be seen almost everywhere. What about mandala tattoo designs and mandala henna designs? These can help people express their individuality as they look interesting and unique. Illustrators and designers can be challenged with the process of mandala creation. If that’s the case with you, take a look at the following items:

  • Mandala Creator Collection

If you’re an Adobe Illustrator guru, using any of these 800+ mandala patterns will help you work out a unique mandala design fast and easy.

  • Mandala Coloring Book

Coloring books can offer you great stress relief. So, why not use this digital coloring book with outlined mandalas and coloring mandalas to get your mind off things?

  • Sistec Instagram Promotional Banner Social Media
More Details

Do you want your Instagram business account looks professional? Then try social media template like Sistec. It is an Instagram promotional banner. There are 9 customizable files that you can use to present your business in a good light. Edit text, add your photos and voila! Your Instagram is ready to sell. All images are 1200 x1200 px with 300 dpi resolution. The format is AI, so you need Adobe Illustrator CS2+ to edit a file.

Bullet Journal Fonts

  • Delphina | Beauty Script Font Font
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The choice of the optimal font should be approached as responsibly as possible. It should be at the same time beautiful, legible and original, have a pronounced character. It is also appropriate to look in different contexts.

This font has a calligraphy style and will make you stylish and remarkable. There are lots of alternates, punctuations, glyphs, and ligatures. It is easy to install and it supports many languages.

25+ Bullet Journal Fonts to Make Your BuJo Fancy in 2019

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Similarly to postcrossing, bullet journaling has been around for quite some time. In 2019, the trend for keeping bullet journals has been given a new life. The principles of bullet journaling are laid out in the book “The Bullet Journal Method: Track the Past, Order the Present, Design the Future” by Ryder Carroll. A New York designer was the one to invent bullet journaling while searching for a comfortable system to keep track of his thoughts and ideas. Thanks to bullet journal, Carroll could later go back to his notes.

Despite more people, these days choose digital apps over pens and paper notebooks, Carroll’s technique is still relevant. Unconventional fonts can help create a special atmosphere for keeping a bullet journal. In the post, you’ll access more than 25 unique fonts that IT professionals can use for their bullet journals. Handwritten, modern, retro-style fonts can all be found in this very collection. So, take a look:

  • Retro Vintage Font Handy Script
  • Steampunk Alphabet Font
  • Mandalica Calligraphy Handwriting Font
  • Older Historica Signature Type Font
  • Raven MX Display Font
  • Chalifor Dalsatic SVG FONT

7 Gold Foil Textures 2019

Best Bundles for Creative Use

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Initially, gold foil textures were used during the spacecraft preparation, no surprise they’re considered “rich.” This season, designers are jumping on the bandwagon to spice up their projects with a bit of luxury. No wonder, gold foil textures belong to the freshest design trends of 2019.

Gold textures need to be applied carefully as using too much could be an overkill. In general, gold metallic textures can be a great way to throw in some depth to the design. This trend is quite multi-purpose, so it can be employed in interior design, fashion, publishing, web design, etc. With gold, it’s easy to emphasize specific sections of a website, as well as convey the originality of your project.

In this post, you can get a full-blown coverage of the gold textures trend plus a few interesting bundles. Cast your glance at the realistic gold foil textures bundles to choose the one fit for your project:

  • 540 Hand Crafted Patterns Super Bundle from Blixa 6 Studios

This universal bundle contains 540 hand-crafted patterns including gold textures.

  • Geometric Luxurygold Pattern
More Details

Are you tired of looking for a simple, stylish and unique pattern for your business ideas? Try out this geometric pattern in gold color. Commercial use of this pack is allowed. There is a copyright guarantee.

It will look perfect for gift wrap or bags for your fashion shop. This print is universal. It looks modern and professional. You can also use this pattern at any social media template as a background.

All twenty items have 2700 x 2700 size, which is easy to customize to your needs. You can download PNG or JPEG file with a white or transparent background.

  • 805 Glamourous Brighten Textures

800+ shiny and glittery foil textures are a great investment to employ in your design projects.

  • Gold Foil and Glitter Textures

This bundle contains Gold Foil and Glitter Textures to use in for scrapbooking, DIY, card design, textile or other graphic projects.

Thanks for reading!

I hope this trendy collection was helpful to you, so feel free to share your feedback, ideas and thoughts.

I’m passionate about website design & development. Working as Affiliate Manager at @TemplateMonster. Here is my twitter account: @Lana_Miro

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