There is no greater motivating power than the burning need to prove those assholes wrong, those assholes who want to see you crash.
Never Listen To The People Who Want To Limit You.
Jon Westenberg

People will tell you No every single day. They will tell you no because they feel small and their dreams feel impossible, because the limits they created in their own heads are walls they can’t scale, and neither should you.

But here is the catch:

You turn it into fuel, like Jon said. You turn the Nos into Yes’ and whenever they tell you No, you shout back Yes!

You make it your mission to prove them wrong because you got this and if you aren’t fighting to live YOUR life YOUR way, what are you even doing?

Five years ago, I was told that a Croatian girl could never write in English and write well enough to get messages from people who have been touched by her poetry.

Five years ago, I heard Nos and I said — fuck it, I’m going to try anyway.

Now I am bilingual and so fucking happy that I don’t even care about proving someone wrong. I got this and I got it for me. So fuck everyone who ever doubted me because my eyes are full of the stars and the kind of strength you get by proving yourself wrong — nothing can replace that.

So turn the Nos into Yes’, first in your head and then in your work. Refuse to accept other people’s borders. Don’t make your own, either. You got this.

And oh, yeah, be a stubborn asshole. Do that today. Change the world tomorrow.