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I wish I had the time on my hands to “do coffee shops”, write comedy and drive, and peruse old posts, but I don’t. So I’ll write one response to your countless ones.

For someone who is accusing me to being easy to snow, you sure seem passionate about arguing your point with insults and judgement, perhaps you and “this guy” are friends and he sent his dog to defend him because once again he lacks the intellect to have a mature conversation, then again I could be wrong and you are just someone who also lacks the intellect to have a mature conversation and disagree in an adult manner. Guess I’ll never know, nor do I give a shit.

Calling me an OC girl, a valley girl in order to somehow dumb down a person by pinning them to a geo-location (which BTW you couldn't be more off, I’m not even from your precious America) as if that’s somehow an indication of aptitude or education is at laughable at best, and not in a comedic kind of way. (I suggest you try out new material)

Let me stoop to your level of simplicity and make assumptions about you from what I could see on your profile: biggot, racist, petty little misogynist (probably with a small penis), Trump-supporter, “blogger + do coffee shops” translates to jobless and thus the infinite time to cruise the internet for posts by women and start arguments, coward behind a screen.

But I derail… I’ll keep it short and simple:

Reading through your comments and the manner in which you responded, I can’t say anything but thank you so so much for literally validating my entire post and its every single point. Congratulations, you just played yourself.

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