And how I got rejected by

Last year in June I was interviewing at for a position of Graduate UX designer. Part of my interview process was to come up with four small actionable improvements to current website. As many of you know is well known for A/B testing every decision and backing up everything with data.

I came up with 4 small improvements in different areas of the booking process. When I was working I was looking at the feasibility of improvements and ways to measure them — so a total redesign of the homepage is out of the picture here. …

I’ve been using Sketch for all aspects of design work for quite some time now but when creating an iOS and Android project within the same file, I’ve had problems with exporting assets.

At MOBGEN Accenture Interactive, we’ve recently been using InVision suite for the design handoff to developers and in order to keep projects clean we use a single project featuring both iOS and Android designs.

When it comes to the measurements, InVision works pretty well for us; everybody can switch projects and measurement types easily. However when it comes to exported assets we’ve stumbled upon few problems. 😫


DOWNLOAD INTERACTION FLOW KIT (click👏 and give us some love ❤️)

The creation of interaction flows is a big part of our process as digital product designers. After many iterations we now have a mind-bendingly fast way to do all of this in 💎Sketch.

This flow has evolved on the go, based on the needs and collaboration within the team and the products we are creating. We started out with Illustrator, which served us well. But we wanted to have all our designs, including flows, in a single file with one shared library. Limiting our files to minimum and…

Lan Belic

Senior Designer @ //

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