Getting my life in order, kind of sort of.

Going through the motions this life I’m getting bored of.

I took an oath to seek more growth.

Literally, you can only get taller never shorter.

The goal is to grow and prosper.

If you plant seeds, relationships could inadvertently turn into a stampede.

We all have a unique purpose.

It can be difficult to see like incursive.

God eliminated the curses when he put His son in the middle of the 3 crosses.

This message is URGENT!

I am urging and searching for young men to come out from hiding.

Let us start uniting and be more inviting instead of all this fighting and

rioting, resulting in excessive 911 dialing.

The problem is we seek validation in the eyes of the congregation.

Separation through segregation.

Vast number of questions.?

let us turn it into exclamations!

Don’t let past mistakes, misplace or erase the solemn place you hold in this race.

Once I got a taste of God’s grace, it penetrated my heart in a way that changed my life.

Young men you have been chosen. To be a light in this world that is broken.

Be a leader and plant seeds because one person could turn into a stampede.