the united states immigration policy seems fair

ever wondered how the united states deports immigrants?

check it out:

i plan to write my issues paper for my writing 150 class on our current immigration policy vs. what trump wants our immigration policy to be.

a lot of people believe that trump’s idea of building a huge wall across the mexico-america border is crazy. i am sure that he has some good reason for wanting to do it so badly.

they started developing some prototypes for the wall:

to me it honestly seems ridiculous to build that big and that long of a wall. first off, i am sure there is a more cost effective way to do it. also i feel like walls aren’t good. for the most part walls tend to create more tension and division and i don’t know if that is what we want.

from researching a little about the process that is used to deport immigrants in the united states, i feel like the way it is done is very fair and civil. most of the immigrants that get deported is because they have committed a crime and usually border patrol doesn’t go knocking into neighborhoods with a ton of immigrants and deporting them all. often times, the immigrants are given a hearing in court.

immigrants also have an option to leave using their own resources and if they choose this option they will be allowed to come back to the united states if they choose to do so legally.

i want to spend more time learning about what it takes for someone from a different country to legally be a US citizen. is it even possible for most?

anyway, all people are equal and i am not sure if i believe we have any more right than others to be here on this land. if someone wants to live the american dream, who are we to stop them?