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Test-Driven Development (TDD) and why you should care.

Test-driven development is a progressive, incremental approach to software development.

Some key fundamentals about TDD which may improve the quality of your software.

Why Use TDD?

Test-Driven Development(TDD) is often preferred especially for large projects rather than the traditional Test-Last Development (TLD) process due to very efficient benefits that it can provide.

Some advantages of using TDD:

Reduces Dependence on Debugging

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Brainstorming is a vital practice for collaboration and for solving technical issues encountered during a project. It helps to break out of the monotonous pattern of thinking and develop new ways to view or solve a problem.

Engineering teams are usually composed of diverse individuals with expertise in different disciplines making brainstorming a powerful tool. By doing so allows the team to tap into all the knowledge in the group and develop the most effective solution.

Define the problem

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Complex code development is impossible without a Version Control System (VCS). Version Control is used to track and control changes to source code. It is an essential tool to ensure the integrity of the codebase.

Why is Version Control Essential?

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Managing one’s time is a real challenge in today’s wonderful technological world.

Multitasking to do more is all the rage but does it work?

Studies show that if you increase the number of tasks you need to pay attention to, this results in bottlenecks which disrupt your ability to make decisions.

Doing two or more tasks at once usually leads to a drop in performance in at least one of them.

The brain has not evolved enough to allow for multitasking. We’re more sequential processors of information then parallel.

A smart method called “chunking” can help you manage your time…

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Reusable code saves time, energy and cost making it vital in software development.

Consider these 4 essential attributes to make your code more reusable:

1 — Modularity

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Teamwork gets faster results

Teamwork is a vital element for successful engineering. Engineers have to function well in a team-oriented environment to accomplish tasks, especially when working on big projects.

Strong teamwork allows engineers to adjust to changes, adapt to diversity and in turn, increase productivity.

Here are 5 tips on how you can build stronger engineering teams.

1 — Align Goals

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Writing better code

Regardless of the programming language you use here are 6 ways to help you write better code.

1 — Spend more time designing

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Ace Your Coding Test

Relying on a polished resume will not guarantee success in a coding test.

One of the main reason why engineers fail coding tests is a lack of preparation.

Acing a coding test requires planning and heaps of practice. Follow these 10 simple steps to improve your chances:

1 Master the basics.

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Hiring the best Engineers

There are more open engineering jobs than available candidates. It is a challenge for recruiters to find engineers who match 80% of job specs.

So how do you beat the odds?

Here are some strategies that can help:

Create a Pool of GOOD Engineers

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So what’s all the fuss about IOT or Internet of Things?

Well in a nutshell tons of data. When you have vast amounts of data, you have analytics which can help you predict future events because you can identify patterns which tend to be cyclic.

IOT is nothing new — I’ve been building embedded data gathering devices since my first year at uni back in 1982 — the only difference now is that data can be shared instantly using wireless technology or wired connection with larger computers which can run data analysis algorithms on the data.

“Edge” computing which is…

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